So here goes anything!

13 Sep

It started less than a month ago and I had been thinking about it for a long, long time! I had made freezer jam (peach, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry) for a couple of summers ohhhhhhh about 15 years or so ago. I loved making it and giving them away for gifts. The idea of pressure or even water canning freaked me out. Whether it was the process or the fear of botulism, I didn’t want to be anywhere near it.

Fast forward to the year 2009, I bought half a dozen jars of commercially “canned” peaches on sale and my husband had just inhaled them. I wouldn’t have purchased them otherwise as they can be expensive.
I was thinking hmmmm…I had a colleague that would drive out to the Okanagan (about 3 hours away) at the beginning of August every year and come back with a carload of peaches, apricots and tomatoes. She would spend a couple of days canning them all.
I heard how wonderful and amazing these fruits are after being home canned especially in the middle of winter. It’s like tasting summer…. WELL! I want in! LOL

I spent some time on the internet beforehand, reading articles, recipes, “how to’s” and how canning is making a big resurgence in the past couple of years. This definitely sounds like the time to give it a go with the many resources at hand, helping these new canning enthusiasts.

This is my canning adventure and journey and you’re invited to come along for the ride!  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Lots of love,


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