What’s Up

3 Sep

Well I know the term is putting up, I just thought to call this post what’s up…what I’ve put up so far…now this doesn’t include what’s been eaten 😉

Apple Butter –
Apple Pie – 11 pints
Beef Stew –
Carrots – 6 pints, 1 quart
Chicken – 7 pints
Chicken Stock – 3 pints
Corn –
Peaches –
Peach Honey –
Pickled Garlic – 1 x 250 mL
Plum Jam – 3 half pints
Salmon – 12 half pints, 4 pints
Split Pea Soup –
Strawberry Jam – 1 pint, 3 half-pints
Sweet Pickles –
Tomatoes (Crushed) –
Tomatoes (Whole) –
Tomatoes (Sauce) –

Lots of canning love,


One Response to “What’s Up”

  1. Fay Dopking June 25, 2013 at 8:26 am #

    I love this Spike! Cards and Canning – what could go together better! I got into making jam the long way, learned the hard way – LOL! My Aunt (2nd Mom) had passed away and my Uncle (2nd Dad) came and brought me four 5 gallon pails of crab apples he collected from his neighbours in Bonnyville, Alberta. We were driving him to the airport the next day so he could go and visit his daughter. I was told “I will be back Sunday, leave Monday morning with my jelly, have it ready”! I had just lost both my Mom and Dad in the last 2 years so she wasn’t available so I went running down the alley to my neighbour who I new made plum jelly and would HAVE to know how to help me. With the help she gave me a very old, out of print book that helped. Squeeze the juice through layers of cheese cloth – this was barbaric – I was burning my paws like crazy! Neither my neighbour nor the book thought to add “let it sit and strain itself OVERNIGHT through the cheesecloth”!!! Oh and it DID boil over but good, not a wonder my Uncle brought so many apples – LOL! Stove was a mess but we picked him up at the airport on time, had a lovely meal ready for him at home, where was his jelly? I showed him the boxes – surely I didn’t expect him to take ALL of them – LOL! He shared with all his friends who supplied the apples. After that my sister and I went together and invested in a juicer so I just had to throw the whole apples in and let them steam and burst goodness. I just needed to drain the juice in my pot and finish on the stove – sooo much better! Then I became the family’s jam and jelly maker thanks to my neighbour’s book!
    My health has not allowed me to make any jam in the last few years but I would sure love to get back at it. I even could do a double batch of BlueRhu jam after supper when I worked and have everything done and cleaned up in 2 hours.
    Do you think you could please post your recipie for your Apple Pie Filling please? I have just NOT been able to find one that has worked for me. Your recipes look so wonderful, I am so happy I found your other “habit”!

    Many Thanks

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